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about Janis:


Date of Birth:September 27

Model from:Douglas Corner, AR DOUGLAS, AZ Douglas, GA

Place you would love to visit:Greece, Fiji

Favorite things:Listening to music, being at the cottage and swimming.

h1gb wrote: I hate when you move too.
ihateniggers wrote: This one seems like a good shot to me. Nice angle, good light. However, the post processing is a turn off. It just seems to overdone. Faces don't look like that - especially the eyes.
letmelick__ wrote: I refer to, not based on evaluation and disapproval
sgodfrey wrote: thanks everyone! very insightful!
evil-999 wrote: Hey im 20, im from Staffordshire .....
melissa79 wrote: worked with dave on sunday at a group shoot. Lovely photographer to work with and is very friendly. Would love to work with him again in the future. Mich
binette wrote: If you want to make money modeling I see three venues:
lamb wrote: So to sum up tammie is a highly professional stunning looking model that is also a genuinly nice person and I look forward to many more shoots with her
agace wrote: You need some better photos period. Your headshot is ok the rest will have to be replaced entirely. It does not make for a compelling sales tool, this is critical for someone who has the right body type and is the right age to get commercially in this game.
jemorris wrote: You are a very beautiful woman, although your portfolio doesn't show much range at this point. My opinion (for whatever it's worth) is to keep shooting, work with a wide range of photographers, and get some variety in your portfolio. You are quite beautiful and in a few short months with a lot of hard work and networking, your port will WOW people.

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