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about Jasmine:


Date of Birth:August 5

Model from:Lowell, MA

Place you would love to visit:I would love to visit Alaska, where I was born, to do some good ole fishing!

Favorite things:Boxing!

rust3 wrote: Had another shoot with Paolo, gave great direction as always, creative ideas and I loved the photos we got :) Thank you again!
fox22 wrote: Piotr has been one of my favourite photographers for a while now and having the opportunity to shoot with him was very exciting! The shoot was amazing; he was amazing!! I would happily recommend Piotr to other models. Thanks very much. Allegra
bleakly wrote: Michelle's communications were spot on and I enjoyed working with her. She is very confident and relaxed in front of the camera and runs though diverse series of poses effortlessly. She's also really pleasant to talk to and be with. Recommended.
cavity wrote: Lovely curves, great expressions, very good shoot. Recommended!
tpmorris wrote: It will get visitors to look at your portfolio.
tabby1 wrote: the rest i would have deleted if i had shot them, especially the nature shots.
marina wrote: If you are asked to work with Rob, you should be very happy, he only works with the most stunning of models, with the graetest of pysiques.
ice13 wrote: Time after time I see ports for newer photographers and they just don't seem to know that the most important part of a photo of a person, whether a model or not but particularly a model, is their eyes. Time after time I see dead eyes, black holes, no highlights or color in their eyes... and then a person looks dead no matter what else you do. This is the most common critique I give here on MM.
caren wrote: Had the pleasure of working with her, professional, friendly model, and moves effortlessly from pose to pose, can also take direction but certainly didn’t need it, but responded well to my ramblings on!
cecelia wrote: a unique, beautiful women here…the images however, most of them are not pro and are in great need of pro hair and mua

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