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about Amber:


Date of Birth:July 12

Model from:South El Monte

Place you would love to visit:Barcelona and Dominican Republic

Favorite things:Singing, playing guitar, watching good movies, and hanging out with friends. Great food & exotic food.

owens62 wrote: At 5'6 and living in TN you are not at the center of any market commercial or otherwise.
alfons wrote: What amazing guy and photographer!
howard wrote: I dont know why my comment was deleted because its very obvious in the video that he is trying very I said before he tries to hard. But he does look good.
aaron68 wrote: I think so.... Looks alot like the topaz plugin look. If this what you where going for then you hit the mark. For my personal tastes I would desaturate and then slightly burn out the halos (as I think is looks amatuerish). I find that these dragan, Dave Hill, Topaz plugin, HDR looks are very hard on people so it needs to be very limited in use. Still good job though.
keith wrote: You use back lighting very well, but not front lighting, try side lighting (you only have one frame and it looked good). Try light from a variety of different angles too.
owen wrote: You have a fantastic look, wish you success!
accord wrote: Great to work with, fun and outgoing. Really loved some of the pictures.
alexsandra wrote: amazing photographs :)
aliza wrote: i'd really appreciate your critique on my port xxx
buyers wrote: Hannah's strengths lie in her ability to pose both naturally (and unnaturally!) without direction or prompting. We got some great photos together which were mainly down to her fantastic use of her body and facial expressions.

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