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about Alexa:


Date of Birth:December 13

Model from:Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park YELLOWSTONE PARK, MT

Place you would love to visit:The USA, specially NY, LA and Las Vegas

Favorite things:My bracelets and rings.

mindy15 wrote: Р°йЈҐтЎ •п±®рЁҐ р Ў®т»Ў Н®ді мЁ у Ї®мґ·йіј 8027 и ё031, 8092 и ё053?
boony wrote: If this girl is offering to give you personal advice through PM, I highly suggest taking her up on it.
sarah47 wrote: I had a model bring her boyfriend to a snake shoot. Turns out the guy was deathly afraid of snakes and spent the whole shoot cowering in a corner. He couldn't even look when the snake was in the studio.
annamaria wrote: I think once you practice some posing techniques you'll come out with some great images.
melissa89 wrote: I have had some experience - I take instruction well and have plenty of ideas.
job wrote: I suppose if you MUST get rid of a photo, this is the one I would delete:
alicia74 wrote: I personally wouldn't mind it, but I hate everything about feet. The smell, the look, the word feet itself. I've dealt with foot fetish guys and most pay girls hundreds just to sit and stare at their feet. But it's kind of weird
young55 wrote: What types of images do I need to have in my port??
becoming wrote: Love the skin tone, eye color, and, hair color combination on this guy…he has a very youthful look with strong bone structure.
waylin wrote: we had a boudoir customer who sent us some art nudes as examples of what she wanted so we did some of those and had a good time with it. i'm used to lighting bright so it was a change of pace to have things more on the dark side (and the poses were kind of intense for the customer to hold).

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