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about Ruth:


Date of Birth:July 28

Model from:Henderson, TN

Place you would love to visit:Tel Aviv

Favorite things:Hats, wood and strings, Guinness, evenings, and the opposite sex.

arista wrote: Highly Recommended
megan14 wrote: Manse Studio - Blaengarw
hot-888 wrote: Not my cup of tea
edison wrote: highly recomended and would love to work with you again soon.
affectionate wrote: Hey what a guy, been a big fan of his for a while now, and i finally plucked up the courage to message him after seeing this on his profile as it made me laugh so f****** hard
alicia65 wrote: Bret
geoffreyMitchell wrote: Had a great time working with Chris on my studio day at John Barone's today.
candy75 wrote: this is by far my favorite. Good complimentary colors, she's not squinting, good eye contact, nothing distracting in the background and nothing unflattering about the model. In the shots of the model in the beige skirt and blueish shirt, the skirt bunches up some belly fat and the short shirt exposes it. As the above commenter wrote, there is lots of squinting. I'd recommend photographing in the shade(with something as a reflector), on an overcast day or just after sunset etc.
gordo wrote: Thank you to you both! I will work on that!
bain4 wrote: You are lovely, tall and photograph well. Now you just need some great photographers!

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