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about Tara:


Date of Birth:February 15

Model from:JERSEY CITY, NJ

Place you would love to visit:New York, it is one of my favorite city in the world.

Favorite things:My Polaroidcamera. To see the developing-process of the polaroids right after I take the shot astonishes me.

royal1 wrote: Adobe RGB is spot on when it comes to contrast & details...
ketan wrote: I don't mind the hair near her eye and mouth.
nickMitchell wrote: All that being said, I still think there's a half a shot you could make this image work. Hopefully you took 30 just like it and you just need to find one where the model's got something going on in her eyes.
alan76 wrote: The portfolio shows a lot of scope but not much progression of technique: a nice way to say this is that the images have a consistent style although a portfolio of this size should contain much more varied approaches to lighting to demonstrate versatility.
gucci-333 wrote: Possibly the most beautiful guy i've ever seen!
outlet wrote: 1: cute
blessing wrote: That would also define your brand and your versatility, otherwise it may be confusing and un-focused.
kbullen wrote: I have to say! Most unique looking model I've ever seen! Not that it's a bad thing but WOW! Really something else here, lost for words completely.
wilson67 wrote: Have had one year off from modeling and I am now considering a "come back" . What do I need to add to my port? What area/areas should I focus on?
causer wrote: Had a great shoot today with Mansell,enjoyed the shoot and had lots of fun which will hopefully reflect in my images,helps well with direction to achieve the best results,lovely photographer to work with made me feel very comfatable,thankyou Mansell,looking forward too seeing the end results of todays work,thanks Becky.

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