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about Renee:


Date of Birth:February 13

Model from:Westminster, MD

Place you would love to visit:Kenya

Favorite things:Modeling, watching great movies, meeting unique people, my mom’s delicious home cooking, spending time with loved ones, dancing, laughing, being spontaneous, overcoming fears, and frozen yogurt.

sebastian wrote: Why is everything at a dutch or wide angle? It seems like you want to put energy into your images but you keep using the same tired trick over and over. Tilting the camera sometimes works for a shot, but not every shot.
haddock wrote: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
russb wrote: 3) Models must stay within the designated area during the photo day. This is for your safety.
bueno wrote: I know that our beloved MM is free and we shouldn't complain, but it is SO MUCH EASIER to look at photos in a proper image browser on grey than our hideous Flickr white!
america wrote: Here are the ones I think are your best (in no particular order). I recommend cutting down your portfolio to little more than these (and my favourite from above).
tam wrote: I shot with Tillie at Yorkshire Studios in September. She is a truly fabulous model and a lovely person to work with. She was aware that I would normally be working to much more explicit levels and she more than compensated through the use of a great repertoire of facial expressions and poses within the limits of art nude. Working with her was a delightful experience and we had lots of laughs as well as getting some great images.
kbullen wrote: Added by 2020 on Wednesday, June 08, 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011
lampshade wrote: Hello I'm Jade :)
brucia wrote: You'll be freelancing, so you can expect to network. A lot. It's a full-time job, actually. You can expect to travel, and not always getting paid 'travel reimbursement' (at least when you're just starting out) because traveling will likely be part of the job. You may lose more money than you make when you're just starting out and you may never recover those costs, and there are significant costs (time/networking/dedication/materials), but the pay can be quite good too, if you're good at it and the market likes you.
chelsea wrote: 3. what would you like to see in my port next?

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