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about Miranda:


Date of Birth:August 27

Model from:Walcott

Place you would love to visit:Once again Barcelona, Ljubljana and North Sea island Spiekeroog as well as lots of other European cities I haven’t visited yet

Favorite things:I love good food, music, sunshine, sports (especially football), my friends and, of course, my great family

alee wrote: I like her face, but she comes across even shorter than she is on film…
heather17 wrote: I'd love to test with you for an up coming fashion/beauty/creative spread.
tiana wrote: Whatever you do, don't shoot duck faces and stop pouting. It's really not attractive.
sammy wrote: Shes a lovely, fun model who is really professional when needs be, she has an amazing figure and gorgeous features!
abscissae wrote: So what do you do when you have been modeling for years, and your just got married and the guy wants to go with you to shoots, know how much your paid.. and if you get travel etc.. you understand as the model but they guy is totally clueless and because of that he says no you cant do it.... what then?
jrvr wrote: The better the tattoos the better the chances of publications.
champ wrote: Pictures were fab, just what I needed for my portfolio.
ebuehler wrote: you will end up developing your own style without realizing it.
thomas27 wrote: I would love for someone to be brutally honest about what genre of modeling they think would best suit me from what I have in my port, as well as feedback as to what should be deleted/added/etc.
urbain wrote: Rosie, you seem to have deleted my comment too, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. My comment was on topic and polite.

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